An Introduction to MeadCo Security Manager

Bringing control to add-on behaviour.


Advanced browser add-ons such as ScriptX and ScriptXtra can bring significantly enhanced capability and functionality to web-based content and represent a powerful resource in the creation of fully-functional web-technology based applications.

When maliciously or carelessly applied, however, some such controls can be capable of violating both the integrity of a user's computer system and the privacy of the information it holds. And although a reputable developer or publisher will be quite willing to be identified and held accountable for the safe performance of their own controls, the nature of web-based technology and the method of its distribution means that a copied or stolen control can sometimes be mis-applied.

These issues -- together with the attendant publicity when something 'goes wrong' -- can make web technology users reluctant to accept anything other than 'standard' content. It is these concerns that MeadCo's Security Manager has been engineered to address and to satisfy.

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