About Neptune

MeadCo's Neptune is a Netscape-compatible plug-in which hosts Microsoft's WebBrowser control.


MeadCo's Neptune will work when embedded in documents rendered by Opera, Netscape, Safari for Windows, Firefox, Mozilla and other Gecko-based browsers running on any Windows platform. Windows 95 / Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 4.0 core install is the minimum requirement.

Neptune can be thought of as gateway through which to launch Windows- and Internet Explorer-specific content from other brands of browser.

MeadCo developed Neptune to allow its products Zeepe, ScriptX and Security Manager to be deployed consistently right across a publisher's or organisation's Windows client base, even in cases where Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the browser of choice.

However the use of Neptune is not constrained to the deployment of MeadCo's products. Any Internet Explorer-specific DHTML content and/or ActiveX control will work in Neptune, limited only by the version of the underlying WebBrowser control.

The Neptune plug-in is free to use and to deploy.