About us

MeadCo is an established company which specializes in the development of web-technology utilities and application construction & licensing tools for Microsoft Windows.



ScriptX is the world's favourite browser add-on for absolute control over document printing operations from client and server computers running Microsoft Windows. A subset of ScriptX printing and script-enhancement functionality is available at no charge and is freely distributable.

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Zeepe is a powerful, light weight and easy-to-script framework which enables rich web-technology content to be delivered to Windows computers in custom client applications, either locally or directly over the Internet or corporate intranet. The Zeepe rich client framework can be used to build anything from multi-windowed data entry front-ends for back office systems to compact microclients and fully-branded custom browser applications. A subset of Zeepe functionality can be deployed without charge for local machine use as a super-set of Microsoft's HTA offering.

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Neptune is a NPAPI (Netscape) plug-in which hosts Microsoft's WebBrowser control. The Neptune plug-in -- which can be thought of as gateway through which to launch Windows- and Internet Explorer-specific content from other brands of browser -- is free to use and to deploy.

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Licensing and distribution

All application code is available to all users free of charge, with the licensed distribution of both being managed by MeadCo's address-bound Security Manager schema. The company's user-centric publishing licenses have proved to be 100% functional and secure over ten+ years of wide-scale corporate deployment.