Free Deployment

MeadCo's tools and utilties are available free of charge, either wholly or as a subset of full functionality.




A basic subset of ScriptX printing functionality -- header & footer settings, printed orientation, coarse control of margins and a browser window/frame printing command -- is available at no charge, and is freely distributable. The signed & installer files and deployment instructions are contained in the ScriptX Resource Kit.


The plug-in is free to use and to deploy, and is availabe for download from the Neptune site.


A subset of Zeepe functionality may be deployed free of charge for the creation of file based content served from the user's local hard disk. The free subset of Zeepe provides a super-set of Microsoft's HTA offering; cross domain access is allowed and controls marked as unsafe are allowed to run. The signed Zeepe installation redistributables and framework documentation are contained in the Zeepe 8 SDK archive.

Licensing and distribution

All application code is available to all users free of charge, with the licensed distribution of both being managed by MeadCo's address-bound Security Manager schema. The company's user-centric publishing licenses have proved to be 100% functional and secure over ten+ years of wide-scale corporate deployment.